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Might & Magic V revealed

Ubisoft confirms that the classic turn-based strategy series is due to return in early 2006.

More than 20 years after the first Might and Magic game appeared on PC, the series is set to return with a new title from Ubisoft.

Heroes of Might & Magic V will feature familiar features as well as new innovations, such as "a revolutionary tactical combat system" and "modern 3D graphics". There will also be a story-based campaign mode as well as both online and offline play.

"Ubisoft will bring fresh life to the franchise while respecting its heritage, just as it successfully did with cult brands such as Prince of Persia and Myst," said, er, Ubisoft.

The publisher bought the Might & Magic brand in 2003 from 3DO, sadly no longer with us. [That's a joke, right? -Ed] The new game is being developed by Russian studio Nival Interactive, which was also responsible for the Silent Storm and Blitzkrieg series.

Heroes of Might & Magic V will get a worldwide release in early 2006. You'll find the game's new website here.