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Game Zone Live cancelled

The event formerly known as Game Stars is off following massive disinterest from everyone who matters.

UK games show Game Zone Live has been called off after key companies including Sony, Microsoft and Electronic Arts refused to show any interest in it whatsover.

However, trade show EGN will still go ahead in a different venue, according to publisher association ELSPA.

Game Zone Live, which was titled Game Stars Live last year, was due to run in the giant ExCeL exhibition space in London's Docklands this September. It was to be supported by a new games TV series.

But both Sony and Microsoft declined to take part, despite having shiny new consoles to show off, and top publisher EA also failed to offer its support.

As a result Game Zone has been cancelled, leaving EGN in a difficult situation - the event ran alongside Game Stars last year, and the combined consumer and trade event was hailed as a success by many within the industry.

ELSPA has said it will go ahead with EGN, but the event will be held at a different venue. It will still take place in September.

"The cancellation of GameZone Live has no impact on the future of EGN aside from the location," an ELSPA spokesperson told our sister-site

"The feedback from last year's inaugural event was incredibly positive, and ELSPA is looking forward to building on a successful launch."

Specific details of this year's EGN will be announced shortly.