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Sony launches 2GB Memory Stick

In special PSP packaging.

Sony Europe's Recording Media and Energy division has launched a new promotional pack for its 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo, specially designed to attract PSP owners.

The new pack features a large PSP image on the front, and comes complete with a USB cable so you can connect your handheld up to your PC for hot file swapping action.

The 2GB Memory Stick has more than 60 times the capacity of the stick included in the original PSP Value Pack, which weighs in at just 32MB. It can store up to 60 hours of music, 1000 hi-res digital photos or a maximum of four full-length films. According to Sony, price points will vary from country to country, with an estimated end-user price of around EURO 175 (just under GBP 120).

Last November, you may recall, SCEE launched the PSP Giga Pack - a special bundle containing a handheld plus a 1GB Memory Stick, along with an assortment of accessories. Sony has yet to confirm whether a 2GB Giga Pack is also on the way, but it's certainly a possibility - after all, the 1GB bundle was one of the top-selling products across Europe during the festive period.