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EA unveils X06 line up

More later, but for now, this

EA has unveiled details of the games it'll be showing later this evening at Microsoft's X06 event in Barcelona. The games in question, which will be available for the assembled journalists to have a hands-on session, include FIFA 07, Need for Speed Carbon, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, NBA Live 07, NHL 07, Half Life 2 and Superman Returns: The Videogame.

Until Eurogamer's intrepid reporters return with their own opinions, here's what EA's press office has to say about the games: FIFA 07 ("For the first time ever the ball is alive with its own independent physics, resulting in truly unpredictable gameplay"); NBA Live 07 (which will "deliver more ESPN content in-game while you play"); Need For Speed Carbon (an "an all-out war for the city" apparently); NHL 07 ("Skate into the zone and glide around your defenders while bringing your stick across your body and drawing it back to fire a slapshot - all without touching a button"); Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 ( "brings realism and emotion to the golf course like never before"); Half-Life 2 ("the entire award-winning single player game together with the first two episodes of the continued story"); Superman Returns: The Videogame ("creates the ultimate open-world super hero experience"); and also on show under the Games for Windows brand will be Rail Simulator (they didn't say anything about this).

The company also revealed that a demo of FIFA 07 will go up on Xbox Marketplace in October.

Jan Bolz, EA's Vice President of International Sales and Marketing had this to say: "EA's 360 line up brings the innovation of our creative development teams to players around the world, immersing them in deep, connected game play experiences that truly signal the arrival of a new era of digital entertainment." But then he would say that, wouldn’t he.

Remember to check the site at around 6pm, when we'll be bringing you our usual Live Text coverage of the X06 keynote in Barcelona - allowing you to find out what's going on while those less in the know are still cursing at their broken, laggy, postage stamp sized video feed.