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Revolution in Japan

There's a sword mender over there, apparently.

Britsoft stalwart Revolution Software has managed the tricky feat of getting its most recent Broken Sword title on Japanese shelves - the first time the York-based firm has managed to get one of its games into this trickiest of territories.

The Sleeping Dragon hits Japanese shelves today on PS2, via Marvelous Entertainment (their spelling, not ours), with the game's promotional gumph being radically re-jigged to appeal to the Oriental audience, with Manga-style artwork used throughout the advertising campaign and also for the box art.

"As a fan of Japanese adventures, it's a real honour to finally see a Revolution Software game officially released in the territory," beamed Charles Cecil, boss of Revolution Software. "The game was well received by critics throughout Europe and America, and we're confident Japanese gamers will take it to their hearts as much as the rest of the world."

Well, actually we were a little down on the game compared with others (much preferring the completely overlooked Beyond Good & Evil in terms of mixing action, adventure and narrative with style), but Charles is one of the nicest men in the industry, so frankly good luck to them.