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PSP games now on sale in UK

Activision's titles spotted in Virgin.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The first European PSP games have gone on slightly less than official sale today, with Activision's launch trio appearing on the shelves of Virgin Megastore today.

Spider-Man 2, Tony Hawk's Underground Remix and Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade all appered on the shelves of the chain's central London stores this afternoon, confirming suspicions that retailers would break the official September 1st street date. Even UMD movie Old Boy was seen, so the move clearly extends to more than just videogames.

With the machine not on official sale in Europe until midnight on September 1st, it will be interesting if any of the launch line up of games appears in next Tuesday's UK chart.

Elsewhere, Sony has confirmed the midnight opening of the Oxford Street HMV on September 1st to celebrate the launch of its handheld console across Europe. Come down there and join us there. We'll be the ones taking pictures and looking tired.

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