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THQ squeezes out Juiced demo

Try out Juice Games' new arcade racer before it hits the shops in May.

For a while back there it looked like Juiced might never make it, what with the beleaguered racers' previous publisher Acclaim having bitten the dust just as the game was due for release last September. But since THQ took over Juiced has been tweaked and enhanced and is now firmly on course for a May release, with a PC demo now available at Gamers' Hell.

Juiced features more than 50 licenced vehicles and 100 real mods, offering a total of - wait for it - 7.5 trillion car customisation possibilities. There's a Show-Off mode which earns you "respect" from rival crew chiefs and lets you race for pink slips, plus 'Crew Races' where your ability to manage a team of drivers is tested. And you can race up to six other players online and compete for a place on the world leader boards.

Juiced is out on PC, PS2 and Xbox on May 13.