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London Games Festival details

All sorts of exciting stuff planned.

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The organisers of the London Games Festival have announced details of some of the awfully exciting events they've got planned for us gamers.

It all kicks off on October 2nd, with a whole week of gaming tournaments, competitions, giveaways and top celebrity guest appearances set to take place at HMV and John Lewis on Oxford Street.

You'll get the chance to play some of the latest releases, plus there will be sneak previews of some of the top titles coming out this Christmas.

On October 3-4, our sister site will co-host the London Game Career Fair. It's designed to give graduates, industry professionals and those working in related industries the chance to meet up and discuss career opportunities, so remember to polish your shoes.

At the end of the week, you'll be able to join up to 400 fellow gamers at the Vue cinema in Leicester Square for the Cinema Showdown. All the latest hardware and games will be on show, and tickets will go on sale next month.

Other events set to take place througout the week include a panel discussion on videogame movie tie-ins, a game design symposium, and a live pitch event where budding designers can put their brilliant idea for a game to industry professionals.

The London Games Festival will run in various locations around central London from October 2nd - 7th. You can get more info by visiting the official event website.

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