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Two more Matrix titles in the works

Atari boss confirms its commitment to the franchise

Doubts over Atari's commitment to The Matrix franchise were cleared up last week, when the French company's CEO Bruno Bonnell admitted that two further Matrix titles are planned over the coming years.

Speaking at the Piper Jaffray conference last week, Bonnell told attendees that the company intends to bring out a second Matrix title on current consoles, with a third to follow on next generation platforms, underlining its stated intention to produce three titles with the license.

The comments bring a little more clarity to the publisher's plans after recent scuttlebutt indicated that it was having second thoughts about making any more Matrix titles after the critical backlash it endured last summer with Shiny's effort being accused of being released in an unfinished state.

However, the title went onto meet its four million worldwide sales target - albeit assisted by some aggressive discounting in the run up to Christmas last year.

How the next Matrix title will pan out is currently open to question, with Atari currently keeping the game securely under wraps. It was reportedly supposed to show the game off at E3 last month, but elected to shield it from public view for the time being. No release date has been announced to date, although next summer would be our guess.

Source: 1up