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GTA coming to PS3

Says so in the US OPSM2.

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In the biggest non-shock story of the year, the Grand Theft Auto series will be coming to the PlayStation 3 according to an article in this month's US Official PlayStation 2 magazine.

According to their sources, Rockstar North took delivery of a PS3 development kit back last month, and is naturally working hard on a brand new engine for its next-generation Grand Theft Auto.

The question most GTA fans will want answered is how long the team will take to come up with the next game in the series. Assuming it started preliminary work on the next-gen GTA when it finished work on San Andreas - and given how important the brand is to both Sony and Take Two - could we be looking at a next-gen GTA as early as October next year? Or will Rockstar wait until the machine's been out for a year or so (as it did with GTA III) and allow itself a chance to familiarise itself with the machine's architecture?

Given how quickly Rockstar has managed to churn out GTA: Liberty City Stories, our money's on a next-gen GTA appearing with an initial period of exclusivity on the PlayStation 3 - in time for Christmas 2006.

Whenever it eventually emerges, one thing's for sure: it's a game consumers will fall over themselves to buy.

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