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Lynn, it's hotter than the sun! We've been going around saying that all week after some elderly bloke stopped us in the street and went "Dan!?" Even with an air conditioning Dalek in the corner and a huge floor-standing fan operating at full capacity though, we still find ourselves dabbing the odd bead of sweat from our furrowed brows as we sit here trying to work out which games are out this week.

However, hot though it is, we fancy that it's nothing compared to the searing agony of taking a bath in an Alien's acid blood, which is something we fully intend to do this weekend thanks to Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction. It's unusual for EA not to send out copies of a game like this ahead of release, but we fancy that has more to do with the Fox licence than anything else - in any event, it's only £19.99 on PS2 and Xbox according to the accompanying press release and isn't even that bad from what we've seen. We'll let you know for sure next week.

Beyond EA's vicious juxtaposition of deadly extra-terrestrials though, there's absolutely nothing worth getting excited about. Konami might tell you that the Disney Sports series is quite good, but we couldn't tell you either way because they don't send us the games. Still, they'll probably do for a youngster, right? If they're out anyway - GAME and Gameplay reckons Basketball is, but Amazon and Play have no stock, whilst only Konami reckons Motocross GBA is available today - we couldn't find it for immediate purchase anywhere we looked.

We're also slightly perplexed by THQ's insistence that Rugrats Go Wild is out on PC and GBA today. Not that we care in any particular sense, you understand - it's just that it so manifestly is not available anywhere that we can only assume they're too lazy to update their release listings for it. Heck, they might want to tell some retailers they're doing a PC version while they're at it - nobody's even heard of it.

Another curious absentee from most retailer listings is Atari's Line of Sight - Vietnam. It's not out this week, but it is allegedly due on the 15th, 29th or something, depending on where you look, and yet some retailers (Amazon included) deny its very existence. Weird, eh?

Oh, and speaking of Atari, apparently their pint-sized pro bone crusher Stuntman is out on GBA today. So, er, you know, great.

  • Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction (PS2, Xbox)
  • Disney Sports Basketball (Cube, GBA)
  • Disney Sports Motocross (GBA)
  • Stuntman (GBA)

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