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Stress finally gets to World Of Warcraft

We just can’t stand the pressure, OK?

Probably the most anticipated MMORPG since the ill-fated release of Star Wars Galaxies is almost upon as. Blizzard confirmed yesterday that World of Warcraft is entering the final stress test phase of its beta ahead of what is expected to be a late 2004/early 2005 launch in Europe.

The game’s official site was down at the time of writing (hopefully this isn’t too portentious), but fans will nonetheless be hugely excited of the game’s imminent release. Beta testers have long been extolling the virtures of the title, which is already expected to set a new benchmark for the genre upon launch.

The game presents players with a thirs-person action aspect on the Warcraft universe, and has rapidly become the shining light in the MMORPG pantheon.

Take a look at our recent chat with producer Chris Sigaty, which covers topics such as cheating, classes, and so on.