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New Xbox forums get off to rocky start

User indignation at MS typo blunder.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft's redesigned Xbox forums, which went live earlier today, haven't had the warmest of welcomes, thanks in no small part to a bewildering typo.

A large, impossible-to-miss banner across the revamped site proudly calls upon users to "Join the converation".

Unsurprisingly the blunder has attracted plenty of mockery, but the problems appear to run a little deeper than a spelling error.

A 16 page-long thread details broken RSS feeds, deleted posts, missing features and a raft of general complaints about the new interface.

Microsoft's web team appear to be asleep at their desks – the site has been live for hours now and nobody has popped up to fix the typo or address forum members' concerns.

For posterity, here's a grab of the offending banner.

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