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Watch Epic explain Unreal Engine 4's fancy pants visual effects

The devil is in the details.

We all know that Epic's upcoming Unreal Engine 4 is something to behold, but it's easy to take modern day visual effects for granted. At a glance we see things look good, but most of us don't comprehend exactly what is making various virtual worlds so convincing.

Thankfully, Epic engineers Tim Elek and Zak Parrish have made a video detailing all the minute improvements in their upcoming engine that manifest themselves as a shockingly realistic simulated environment.

The following Inside Unreal video takes us through how certain visual effects like GPU particle simulation and collision, dynamic particle lights, and various high-res materials add to the experience. You probably never noticed the smoke coming out of expended ammo before in the Infiltrator real-time demo, but now that it's been pointed out, you can't not see it. I may not be a fan of the dreary grey militant sci-fi environments being shown off, but it's hard to argue that effects-wise this thing is damn impressive. Now let's see it with some more colour, I say!

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