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New tyres for Forza 2

Fresh update on Live.

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Developer Turn 10 has released a new patch for Forza 2 on Xbox Live.

It addresses a number of problems, noticeably Auction House bugs and some other issues currently being badly abused by naughty people getting no dinner tonight. You'll have to download it if you plan on playing over Xbox Live.

The only way you'll be able to sell or gift a car with a locked livery now is if you're the original owner, effectively stamping out duplicate designs whipped-up by cheeky copycats. And those of you asking for an unlocked camera while viewing potential purchases have had your prayers answered - and should now be able to ogle over the roof-job, too.

Turn 10 also pointed out that numerous "under-the-hood" Auction House bugs had been addressed, which could have potentially lost you all your dough and even your cars.

Scoreboards have had an overhaul thanks to various problems like AI not relinquishing control of the cars quick enough after a rolling-start, and more cheeky-monkeys exploiting more cheeky physics bugs - resulting in ridiculous lap times clearly impossible if you're playing by the rules.

That pesky Lotus Elan has been temporarily banned, too, because it was accidentally underrated due to a calculation error and is actually much better than the other cars in its class.

Hosts can't boot players mid-race any more, either, because yes - some sillies were exploiting it and hoofing people out if the stakes were high and they weren't going to win.

But it isn't all bug-fixes and patches, and Turn 10 expects more content to be available in the coming weeks.

"We definitely have DLC up our sleeves and will release a series of car packs and new tracks starting in August and running probably through a good chunk of fall," reads the post on the official website. "Forza Motorsport 2 is definitely here to stay."

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