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New Twitch unsubscribe feature receives mixed response from streamers

Reasons for unsubscribing can now be viewed.

Twitch has implemented a new feature that allows streamers to see the reasons why viewers have unsubscribed from their channel.

Listed in the Channel Analytics page, streamers can see aggregated and anonymous information on subscription cancellations.

The reasons include changes to a viewer's schedule, a streamer's schedule, financial reasons, or other. All the details are listed in a Twitch blog post.

The feature essentially works similarly to email unsubscribes, with the aim being for streamers to understand why viewers may unsubscribe and amend their stream accordingly.

"We heard from you that Creators want more visibility into the behaviour of their communities," reads the Twitch blog post. "Understanding reasons that your community might need to cancel a subscription can help you focus on areas of your channel you can and can't control."

Viewers can also opt not to give a reason when unsubscribing from a channel.

The feature has so far received mixed feedback from streamers.

Some have noted the benefits of seeing this information, as well as how it's optional - it's up to a streamer whether they wish to view the data.

Others have been more critical, with the feature bringing negativity to streamers. Some suggest the most frequent reasoning for viewers would be financial, something that's out of streamers' control and therefore is arguably not valuable data.