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New Salt and Sacrifice video shows off Mage hunts and co-op

Praise the salt.

A new dev diary video features new gameplay of the forthcoming Soulslike Salt and Sacrifice.

The follow up to Salt and Sanctuary, it will again feature 2D gameplay and considered combat.

The new video shows off the Mage hunts that now form a key part of the experience.

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These are multi-phase pursuits that extend across the regions you explore that culminate in intense boss battles. Destroy a Mage's heart, plunder their remains for Eldritch items, and use them to forge new equipment.

The video also shows off the new co-operative mode that will allow you to team up with others online to battle the Mages. In fact, the whole game can be played cooperatively with progress shared across both players.

The video shows the whip-wielding, magic-focused character teaming up with a heavily armoured tank character to defeat a demonic Hydromancer.

While these gameplay details were previously known, it's great to see them in action in the new video.

Salt and Sacrifice is due out early 2022 exclusively to PlayStation consoles and the Epic Games Store.