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New PSP wins over Japan

Dominates first-week sales.

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The PSP Slim & Lite has reached a massive 277,794 sales in just one week, reports.

That's according retail data from Media Create, which shows the numbers are slightly down on Famitsu's mid-week declaration of over 300,000 units being sold.

PSP sales are up 95,000 on last week, and dwarf competition from the consistently popular DS with a total of 70,523.

Elsewhere, though, sales in general were down. The PS3 total dropped by 18 per cent, PS2 dipped by 13 per cent, DS by 12 per cent and Wii by 5 per cent.

However, the Xbox 360 enjoyed a jump in sales by around a third, although that only represented 400 additional consoles.

The full list looks like this:

  1. PSP: 277,794
  2. DS: 70,523
  3. Wii: 24,992
  4. PS2: 11,373
  5. PS3: 10,732
  6. Xbox 360: 1687
  7. GBA: 382
  8. GameCube: 15 has much more where that came from.

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