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New PS3 games at E3 - SCEA

"More than 15" internally-produced titles due this year.

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Sony Computer Entertainment America president Jack Tretton has said to expect new PlayStation 3 games to feature during the company's E3 conference next month - and says that Sony has "more than 15" titles from internal studios coming this year alone.

In his first post on the Sony America's new blog, Tretton says that with the hardware now in place, Sony is "putting all our efforts into insuring that we help create the best games possible for you to enjoy". Offering a brief overview of the PlayStation brand history, including early criticisms, he implicitly draws parallels between the current state of PS3 and the burgeoning PS1 and PS2 businesses, which ultimately went on to top 100 million hardware sales each.

However it's the short term that you and we - the PS3 owners - will be focusing on, and for that Tretton had this to say: "We have more than 15 games coming from our own internal studios alone this year for PS3. Our third party partners will weigh in with a host of great games giving us more than 100 titles by year-end on that system alone. [...] Right now, we are working on a slew of games and game packs that will be offered through the PlayStation Store in the coming months."

And with E3 just around the corner, Tretton indicates that the show's diminished profile (limited invitations and booth sizes, most notably) hasn't diminished Sony's enthusiasm for showing off when the July dates roll around. "Everyone here at SCEA is working very hard and is dedicated to pushing the development envelope to show you not only new stuff for games like Heavenly Sword, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction," he says, "but also a few surprises we have up our sleeves that no one has seen."

You can read Tretton's entire message on the Sony America blog.

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