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King's Bounty 'expandalone' revealed

Crossworlds has game editor, tons more.

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Acclaimed turn-based strategy King's Bounty will grow again with new standalone expansion Crossworlds.

There's no date, but the 1C website offers a few glimpses of what's on offer. Notably this includes a game editor for King's Bounty: Armored Princess.

On top of that are two enticing campaigns: a boss-battle arena tournament called Champion of the Arena, a random arena-picking and ally/enemy-allocating mode called Defender of the Crown.

There's also several new quests, 70 new items, eight new item sets, three component artefacts, 50 new abilities and skills and 13 new spells.

King's Bounty is very similar to Heroes of Might and Magic. Your hero rides around a campaign map recruiting and improving an army. Battles are fought on a hexagonal grid in turns.

King's Bounty: The Legend - released November 2008 - was excellent. Standalone follow-up Armored Princess came up ever so slightly short.

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