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New Forza content on Live

Free Nissans for all.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A free new content pack for Forza 2 is now available to download from Xbox Live.

Inside it are four new cars, predominantly Nissans: the 2007 Sentra SE-R, Altima, 350Z and lonely Peugeot 908. These are apparently ones you will like with shiny bonnets and fast wheels.

Nissan is suitably chuffed and wants to run a competition to show you this. Your challenge is to customise and race the Sentra SE-R in a big tournament starting on 18th August. The winners will duke it out at the LA Auto Show on 6th October.

Those of you with the best paint-job will also battle for a prize, judged by Turn 10 and Nissan representatives. We're going to put motorbikes on ours.

A full list of rules and details can be found on the Live Tournament website from 10th August onwards.

Pop over to our Forza Motorsport 2 gamepage for the review, screenshots, and trailers.

Keep an eye on the Eurogamers Forza 2 group for people to race with that won't scream at you.

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