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New F1 2011 details

Online modes and race director revealed.

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Codemasters has revealed a suite of new features for F1 2011, the follow-up to its hugely successful official racer.

First up are expanded multiplayer options, with 16 players catered for online while the other 8 slots on the F1 grid are taken up by computer controlled AI. The bare bones presentation of F1 2010's online aspect has also been given an overhaul, with an all-new spectator mode catering for players waiting to race.

Offline multiplayer is also given a boost with two player splitscreen, and there's now an option to attack a full season with a teammate across both online and offline.

Outside of the improved handling and visuals – all detailed in our in-depth F1 2011 preview - Codemasters is also adding a few welcome features. A Race Director, accessible in the pause menu, gives a complete rundown of the field and there whereabouts on-track, as well as listing race incidents. It's there to complement and inform strategy, and it's also a neat response to some of the controversy that erupted in the wake of last year's release.

F1 2011 launches on September 23 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, with 3DS and Vita versions launching soon after.

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