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New DS Lite for Europe

Silver me timbers.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo has announced that a new DS Lite model will go on sale in Europe on 12th October, reports.

It's Silver, hooray, and will join the Black, White and Pink units already on sale over here at GBP 99 (EUR 144).

After unveiling new Metallic Rose and Gloss Silver units for Japan in May, Nintendo had originally said it wouldn't be making the colours available in Europe. Silly old sausage.

It coincides with other happy Nintendo news that More Brain Training is close to one million sales after just 11 weeks, and that Pokémon Diamond and Pearl have totalled up around 1.6 million sales between them - in just seven weeks! comes in all sorts of colours, too, each one crammed full of scrumptious fact.

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