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New Destiny 2 dungeons won't be available in the standard edition

Deluxe edition of the Witch Queen will be required.

Destiny 2 players will need to fork out extra to access the new dungeons coming to the Witch Queen expansion.

Dungeons have previously been included within the various Destiny 2 expansions and season passes. However, they won't be included in the standard edition of the forthcoming Witch Queen expansion, nor in the Year 5 season passes.

To access the dungeons, players will have to purchase the deluxe edition costing $79.99 / £69.99.

They will also be available to purchase separately, though the price is currently unknown.

Community manager Cozmo23 commented on Reddit: "If you get the Digital Deluxe Edition of The Witch Queen you will receive the expansion, all four Seasons for the next year, and the two Dungeons. If you get the Standard Edition, you can still upgrade to the Deluxe Edition to get the dungeons later. We will also be offering a separate way for you to purchase the Dungeons in the future, but they will not be included in the Season passes."

When Bungie announced the Witch Queen expansion, there was already confusion over its convoluted mix of editions. This recent clarification only pulls their monetisation structure into question further.

Some fans are, understandably, upset. Responses to the Reddit post have criticised Bungie for its "god awful company decision". Other responses on Twitter believe the price is reasonable for the amount of content.

The Witch Queen expansion will be available from 22nd February across PC, Stadia, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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