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New content for Small Arms

Reachable on Live.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Gastronaut Studios has announced that a free title update and premium downloadable content pack are now available for Small Arms on Xbox Live.

The premium pack will add a pair of new characters in the shape of a sabretooth tiger druid called Ivar and a bald woolly mammoth called Gullarp. There'll also be Arctic Ice Floe and Pillaged Village battlefields to romp around, and two new achievements to unlock: Honorary Barbarian and Barbaric Recruiter. All this will set you back 250 Microsoft points.

The title update, on the other hand, attempts to improve visibility of player indicators and Gamertags, bump up the frame rate and reduce tearing, tidy up the leaderboards, and tighten the balance between weapons based on your feedback. There'll also be numerous bug fixes and updates to improve the multiplayer side of things.

Small Arms was released at the end of last year on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 points. It was heavily billed as a Smash Bros. clone, with guns, but unfortunately failed to find similar praise. That said, we'd still recommend it as a weekend pursuit, especially with this spattering of new content.

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