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New Battlefront is PSP-exclusive

Hans off.

Activision's confirmed that the new Battlefront game is PSP-exclusive and will be available in the Christmas period.

Renegade Squadron is in development at UK studio Rebellion, and will feature 11 single-player missions, support for 16 of you to duke it out online, or the option for up to eight of you to compete in ad-hoc multiplayer.

It'll follow the adventures of Han Solo as he travels the galaxy assembling his team of scoundrels. You'll be able to explore all your favourite Star Wars locations, meet familiar characters and utilise machinery from different planets - like Darth's TIE fighter and the Millennium Falcon.

Customisation comes in the form of 100 points that you can dish out into health, agility, speed, weaponry and items - on top of species, body, uniform and insignia selections.

The action will be recorded through leaderboards and pages of statistics, and it looks like we also might be treated to a capture the flag mode.

Expect assets to tumble in soon.