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New Amazon service lets delivery people into your home

Key bindings.

Amazon has launched a new service that lets delivery people into your home.

The Amazon Cloud Cam and smart lock.

Amazon Key is a new service for Prime members that lets you get packages delivered into your home without you being there.

The in-home kit, which costs $250, includes the Amazon Cloud Cam indoor security camera and a compatible smart lock for your front door.

Here's how it works: you get a notification and watch the delivery happening live - or watch a video clip of it later. The camera has night vision, so you can tell if it's panic room time or just your friendly neighbourhood Amazon delivery person leaving the next Mario game inside your house.

Amazon said the driver will always knock first, so if you're... busy... you'll have a bit of time to sort yourself out.

Here's the official blurb:

"Amazon verifies the delivery driver through an authentication process, turns on Cloud Cam to record, then grants access for the driver to deliver your package just inside your front door.

"After the driver drops off your package and confirms that your door is locked, we'll send a notification that the delivery is complete. If your plans change, you can select 'Block Access' up until the delivery time and the driver will follow a standard delivery procedure for your address. All in-home deliveries are backed by Amazon Key Happiness Guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing your package will be waiting just inside your door."

The whole thing doubles as a friends and family access system. You can give family and friends temporary, recurring or permanent access. That'll make it easier for my wife to change the locks on me, then.

Cover image for YouTube videoAmazon Key - October 2017

Amazon Key launches in a number of cities in the US, but if it's successful it's easy to see it coming to the UK.

Home Alone's Kevin would have a field day with this, wouldn't he?