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Never Alone team returns with Blue Planet collaboration Beyond Blue


Never Alone was inspired - both a beautiful game and beautiful collaboration with Native Alaskans to show a culture we otherwise wouldn't see. It touched hearts, it won awards, and now creator E-Line Media is back with something new.

This something grew from from a creative discussion with the BBC during the making of nature documentary Blue Planet 2, which is brilliant go watch it. This turned into a collaboration and the something became Beyond Blue.

Beyond Blue is a near-future ocean exploration game where you lead a team of scientists, equipped with tech we haven't quite reached in the real-world, in making groundbreaking discoveries about the deep waters of our world. There'll be a story as well as a strategic element as you juggle resources and pick missions based on your priorities.

Cover image for YouTube videoBeyond Blue | Teaser Trailer

Like Never Alone, Beyond Blue will lean on experts - leading ocean experts - to inform the shape of the game. The BBC has provided unseen footage from Blue Planet 2 for you to unlock during the game, and OceanX is on board as an investor.

Beyond Blue is coming to PC and consoles in early 2019. Stop dumping plastic in the ocean.