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NES Remix, a new Wii U game, is available now

Old classics remixed for the eShop.

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NES Remix, a new title from Nintendo that takes old Nintendo Entertainment System games and remixes them for the Wii U.

Rather than copying the originals verbatim, NES remix plucks out memorable scenes from the likes of Donkey Kong and Zelda and adds a new twist. In a brief look during today's Nintendo Direct, Link was spotted in the original Donkey Kong, while Excitebike featured a new level where the player was plunged into darkness, their way ahead illuminated by a headlight.

There are 16 games subject to the remix treatment in the new release, and they're all supported by online leaderboards and Nintendo's Miiverse. Brilliantly, it's available to download on the eShop now for £8.99.

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