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Naughty Dog unveils Uncharted for PS4 with teaser trailer

"Graphically you're going to see a big jump."

Sony developer Naughty Dog has unveiled a new Uncharted game for PlayStation 4.

A brief teaser trailer was shown during the PlayStation 4 US launch event, featuring narration from Todd Stashwick, who will play a character in the game.

Naughty Dog co-presidents Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra remained tight-lipped on the details, refusing to confirm a suggestion that the game stars a new lead character.

"Graphically you're going to see a big jump," is all Balestra would say.

More from Naughty Dog community strategist Arne Meyer:

"Our goal is to continue what we've done in previous console generations and once again deliver the best in storytelling, performance capture, technical innovation and graphics on the PS4. We can confirm that the voiceover is performed by Todd Stashwick and he will play a character in the game."

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