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Naruto assaults US PSP

But is unconfirmed for Europe.

Namco Bandai has popped on its ninja outfit this afternoon and revealed the very first Naruto game for PSP.

Ultimate Ninja Heroes will launch America this summer, but a date for Europe is still unconfirmed.

The biggest new feature from developer CyberConnect 2 is the team-based wireless multiplayer mode. Here you and your friends will be able to assemble your ultimate dream team, using combination and team attacks to best your opponents.

You'll be able to pick from 20 different characters that can be levelled-up by tackling progressively more difficult missions, eventually displaying your ninja rank in your player profile. Skills and abilities will also be upgradeable, using power-up points earned from battle, and special hidden skills will lie in different groups awaiting your discovery.

A single-player campaign is here to get to grips with, and you'll still be able to take on a solo friend in head-to-head combat using one copy of Naruto to game share.

"We are thrilled to be bringing the unique Naruto style of fighting exclusively to the PSP system," said Makoto Iwai, big cheese at Namco Bandai America. "Fans of both the show and franchise will be able to create and play as their favorite ninja dream team, and we are excited about introducing the Naruto brand to a whole new batch of gamers."

Naruto is a manga by Masashi Kishimoto, which spawned a popular anime television series in Japan. It follows the loud and adolescent Naruto Uzumaki as he searches for approval in the ninja world and quests to become Hokage - the best fighter in the whole village.

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