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Namco shy on Ace Combat 6

Won't confirm X360 game.

Namco Bandai has remained tight-lipped on rumours that Ace Combat 6 will be coming to Xbox 360, telling Eurogamer this afternoon that it had nothing to announce.

However, the publisher has reportedly released themes and picture packs on Xbox Live today, partially confirming to Gamespot's declaration that Ace Combat 6: Fall of Liberation will be released on Microsoft's console later this year. We've also seen scans of a magazine preview.

According to reports, AC6 will include multiplayer for the first time in the series' history, with head-to-head battles, team and co-op matches sitting alongside online leaderboards.

There will also be a new "allied support system" that will let you issue commands to friendly land, sea, or air units, easily dispatching forces for a coordinated attack.

Ace Combat has previously been exclusive to just Sony consoles, although a version was made for GBA, but there's currently no evidence pointing towards a PS3 aerial romp.