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Namco quiet on Katamari 360

But new evidence emerges.

Namco Bandai has remained tight-lipped following speculation that we may see new Katamari and Ace Combat games on Xbox 360.

The developer told Eurogamer this morning it had nothing to announce, not even confirmation of a Warhammer: Mark of Chaos port from PC to the console.

Rumours started after a naughty Blockbuster employee revealed pictures he'd taken of the company's database featuring the three new Xbox 360 entries. They showed Beautiful Katamari and Warhammer: Mark of Chaos for release on 19th October, with Ace Combat 6 scheduled for 16th November.

Namco Bandai also filed a trademark for the name Beautiful Katamari back in January, US site Orange Lounge Radio reported, whilst also pointing towards the development of a PS3 and Wii version of the game.

It looks like it could be another big licence-grab for Microsoft, but it's all smoke and mirrors at the moment.