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Namco asks fans to vote on Pac-Man's new look, platform

But will it deal with "real-life issues?"

Pac-Man publisher Namco Bandai is turning to fans to vote on the look of the pellet-eating sentient pie chart in his upcoming game.

A survey on the Pac-Man Facebook page depicts four variations of the mascot and his ghostly foes ranging from glossy 3D to muted, stylised retro affairs like a 40s cartoon. Check them out below.

Users are also encouraged to vote on the platform for the upcoming game. "What platform do you play casual games on?" it asked, with options for A.) smartphones, B.) tablets, C.) consoles, D.) PC/Mac, or E.) "I do not play casual games." I wonder if Namco will make a "hardcore" Pac-Man game if enough people pick E. One where he dons a machine gun and slaughters ghosts with a spectral chainsaw.

Pac-Man has been on a bit of a resurgence lately with Pac-Man Championship Edition DX receiving top marks from our Kristan Reed a couple years back in his 10/10 review. The recent four-player Pac-Man Battle Royale arcade cabinet is pretty nifty, too.

Now behold this astounding clip of Marvel Studios founder Avi Arad proclaiming to make Pac-Man deal with "real-life issues" "and social causes" of the 21st century at the mascot's 30th anniversary party.

(This remains my favourite E3 memory, ever.)