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EG Podcast: The one about TGS, X06 and Clover

Take us inside you.

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It's been a little while, but now that the team has settled down again from weeks of jet-setting and globe-trotting, we've found time to gather everyone around a microphone and record another podcast for your aural pleasure.

This time, the issues on the table for Tom, Ellie and Rob to hammer out include the fallout from TGS and X06, the closure of Capcom's Clover Studio and an exploration of Tom's current obsession, Bit Generations, as well as stalwarts (can we have stalwarts after five podcasts?) such as the What's New bit.

As usual, we've also cornered an industry luminary to break up the monotony of listening to the EG staff insulting each other and Ellie calling Viewtiful Joe "rubbish", so you'll also be hearing from Blizzard's product development boss Frank Pearce about how The Burning Crusade is shaping up.

As a special bonus, this edition of the podcast is guaranteed not to feature any singing whatsoever!

As you know by now, you can get the podcast either using our RSS feed - which will automatically update you when we post new episodes - or by directly downloading the MP3 file. iTunes users can subscribe from within iTunes by selecting the "Subscribe to Podcast..." option under the "Advanced" menu, and pasting in our RSS address: - various other players can also subscribe, apparently, but we don't know about those. If you're an iTunes hating type, please feel free to post details for your player in the comments section below and we'll include them in future podcast news stories.

Enjoy. We'll be back with another one in a fortnight.

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