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E3: Sony unveils new model PSP

USD 199. September worldwide.

Sony has unveiled a new model PSP at its E3 conference in Los Angeles, with the redesigned handheld launching worldwide this September, is reporting.

The new console is 33 per cent lighter, slimmer, has a more efficient battery and will produce quicker load times, according to Sony boss Kaz Hirai.

The console will come in a variety of SKU's, with Jack Tretton showing off a silver model as well as a Star Wars-themed PSP to tie-in with the release of the latest Star Wars Battlefront game.

SCEJ and SCEE are to announce separate colours and branding for their own territories.

All new model PSPs will retail for USD 199, with Sony offering a entertainment pack in the US including Daxter, a 1GB Memory Stick and Family Guy UMD.

Sony also revealed that UMD sales have risen 35 per cent since 2006, with weekly sales in the US leaping 90 per cent since the recent price cut.

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