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The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 3

Exclusive Motorstorm feature, Wii, FUSE 06 and plastic guitars.

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Episode 3 of The Eurogamer TV Show is now live and if you have as little of a social life as us, there's nearly half-an-hour of exclusive hot-off-the-editing suite video content to help fill that suicidal Friday night void.

Leading the pack in Episode 3 is an exclusive access-all-areas tour of Evolution Studios - the UK developer behind skid-marked PS3 launch racer Motorstorm. In part one, EGTV delves deep into the development process, with key staffers revealing the core concepts and design philosophies fuelling the WRC developer's first next-gen foray.

In the second part of the feature, producer Simon Benson and lead designer Nigel Kershaw ease themselves into the EGTV hotseat to talk about THAT trailer, and how they believe the real deal actually surpasses its controversial pre-rendered predecessor.

Benson also wades in with his views on why Blu-ray is far more valuable than the superfluous technological Trojan Horse Microsoft claims it to be.

With the system launching across Americaland this Sunday, EGTV also pays a visit to the demographically aspirational Wii House, in Central London - an stylish, archetypal snapshot of the company's vision of the modern, switched-on urban household. Which pretty much excludes all of us flea-ridden pikeys.

With consoles in every room, EGTV points its voracious lens Wii-wards to bring you exclusive clips from key launch titles. And a full day's lounging in this exclusive gaming residence is up for grabs for two lucky readers in our house-sitting competition. Full details are in the show.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft united the intensely hardcore spheres of tournament-standard clan gaming and vomit-gargling heavy metal for last Friday's FUSE 2006 event - all in the name of Tom Clancy. EGTV witnessed the full spectacle, and even got to run around waving plastic guns with a bunch of ex-Marines.

And trust us when we say you don't want to miss the fist-flying riot that erupted front-of-stage during the headline act. The Eurogamer Christmas party has a lot to live up to.

Finally, find out what happened when Eurogamer formed its very own rock supergroup and stormed the stage for a Guitar Hero II axe-wielding extravaganza. U2 must be shitting themselves.

Episode 3 is live and allegedly watchable now on Eurogamer TV.

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