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Mystery concept art teases new Valve IP?

New photos fuel rumour mill.

A set of photos of concept art pinned up at Valve HQ has set tongues wagging that the Half Life developer has a new IP in the works.

The pictures, which you can see below, were captured by PC Gamer during a recent visit. They show a number of sci-fi themed character and hardware sketches that don't initially appear to be from the Half Life, Team Fortress or Left 4 Dead universes.

Intriguing stuff. Valve isn't the sort of outfit to let journalists surreptitiously snap nearly 30 pictures of internal art material and then post them on the web. But then deliberately leaking such a huge wedge of assets from an unannounced game doesn't seem too likely either. Heck, maybe we're all just being played.

Take a look and toss in your 10 cents.

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