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My Summer Car hits Early Access next week


I'm sorry Nintendo, but you've just been trumped. Rockstar, too - you may as well pull that trailer you've got primed for later this afternoon. The big game news for today has just landed, and it's a peach. My Summer Car is to hit Steam Early Access next Monday.

What is My Summer Car, you ask? That's when I get a bit angry, fiddle with my phone for a bit and hand it over to you before making you watch all 51 minutes and five seconds of this:

Cover image for YouTube video(11) My Summer Car: What is it all about!

That's what My Summer Car is. It's a beautiful, drunken hymn to the automobile, a permadeath survival simulator where you build, maintain and tend to your glorious ride. It's more than we deserve so let's rejoice in the fact we'll be able to play it in our homes next week when it lands on Steam. You won't be able to shut us up as we talk about it on the site, for sure, and I'm not sorry about that at all.