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Multiplayer melee fighter Absolver is having a free weekend on Steam

And there's 50% off too.

Multiplayer melee fighter Absolver is having a free weekend on Steam, and you can get stuck in right now.

Should you be in the mood to trade swift blows with other beings across Absolver's once resplendant world, you simply need to head to Steam, download the game and get your limbs a-twitching. You've got until 6pm BST on Monday, August 6th, before Absolver's free weekend comes to a close.

If you've yet to have the pleasure, Absolver's an interesting mix of elements. There's a relatively brisk story campaign of sorts, where you can flex your combat skills against enemies and bosses. There's cooperative PvE too, but the real meat comes from competitive multiplayer, where you'll need to unleash a skilful dance of destruction to best other humans in tense duels.

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Absolver scores points for its wonderfully derelict atmosphere (and rather lovely art style), but its most fascinating asset is its combat system. This is built around the acquisition of attacks which can be chained to any of the four different starting stances at your disposal. Attacks, once you're accustomed to the system's nuances, can then be combined into a focussed, fluid whole.

Eurogamer contributor Edwin Evans-Thirlwell reviewed Absolver on its release last year, and praised the "heft and charisma of its animations, the depth and delicacy of its combo system, and the peculiar grandiosity of its world."

"It feels like a hermitage of sorts for the more poetic breed of warrior," he said, just before slapping a Recommended badge on it, "a sanctuary where you can be assured of both ravishing, mournful scenery and a bloody good fight."

And if, after giving it a whirl, you too find yourself captivated by Absolver's charms, there's 50% off for the duration of its free weekend.

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