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MS to hold special Natal event at E3

It'll take place before the press conference.

Microsoft has announced plans to host a special Project Natal event at this year's E3, before all the big news is revealed in the platform holder's conference.

A save-the-date invite published on Gamertag Radio has the "World Premiere 'Project Natal' for Xbox 360 Experience" event down for Sunday 13th June. The press conference will take place the next day.

"Just 1 press conference on Monday morning," comms man Aaron Greenberg confirmed on Twitter. "Sunday night is a "Project Natal" experience, not a press conference."

Speaking to VG247, Greenberg claimed E3 2010 will be "unlike any we've ever had before".

He added, "As a kick off to the week, we will be hosting a can't-miss exclusive "Project Natal" World Premiere experience designed for all ages and demonstrating the universal appeal of Xbox 360 on Sunday evening."

This year's E3 will take place from 15th - 17th June. Eurogamer will be there, in Los Angeles, where the helicopters got cameras.