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MS launches 360 storage upgrade site

Refurbished 20GB HDD for 13 quid.

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Microsoft is offering Xbox 360 owners who don't have a hard disk a free storage device to get them ready for the New Xbox Experience.

The Xbox Storage Upgrade website asks for your console serial and ID numbers, and then offers you a refurbished 20GB hard disk, a free 512MB memory unit, or a combination of hard disk and Xbox Live time. It all depends on which console you have.

Owners of the Xbox 360 Core System fall into three categories. Active Live members with no storage, or a 64MB memory unit, are offered a free 512MB memory unit or a 20GB HDD for GBP 12.99. Active Live members with a 256 or 512MB memory unit are offered just the HDD, again for GBP 12.99. If your console hasn't connected to Xbox Live within the last 12 months, and doesn't have a hard disk, however, you're offered a 20GB HDD and three months on Xbox Live for GBP 19.99.

Owners of the more recent Xbox 360 Arcade console fall into two categories. Xbox Live subscribers without an HDD get the 20GB HDD offer for GBP 12.99, while those without a hard disk who haven't been online for 12 months get the offer of hard disk and three months' access to Xbox Live for GBP 19.99.

The Premium or Elite Xbox 360 consoles are not supported.

New Xbox Experience is due to launch around the world on 19th November as a free download. Check out what it does on our New Xbox Experience page.

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