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MS investigating skulduggery on XBLIG

"Possible misuse of ratings" under scrutiny.

Microsoft has announced an investigation into possible skulduggery on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel.

It boils down to the developer of College Lacrosse: The Video Game encouraging fans to award generous five-star ratings to its game, according to Gamasutra. But fans took proceedings a step further, dishing out harsh one-star ratings to many other popular Xbox Live Indie Games titles as well.

"We are investigating a possible misuse of ratings on XBLIG titles,"broadcast the Microsoft XNA Twitter voice. "We'll announce more information here as it develops."

Fellow XBLIG developer Robert Boyd of Zeboyd Games brought the matter to Columbo sorry Microsoft's attention.

"I have no idea how this sort of thing could be prevented, but I'm really upset," he wrote in a column on Gamasutra.