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MS has new approach to Europe

Mistakes were made, says Lewis.

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Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis has said that mistakes were made when Microsoft launched its original console in some European countries - but pledged they won't be repeated with Xbox 360.

Speaking in an interview with our sister site, Lewis said, "We've got pockets of fantastic achievement in EMEA and I think the UK is an example of that.. But then if you look around the rest of the region we have different challenges.

"Spain was genuinely a problem for us with the first version. We didn't start well, and often when we don't start well we do struggle to catch back," Lewis conceded.

"We went there probably with too hardcore a level of content. We didn't have the partnerships established both in retail or even at a publisher or marketing level in a way that was necessary for Spain, and we had to change things there at a pretty fast click.

"I think we've given much more empowerment to the local Spanish team to do what's necessary."

Lewis's comments were echoed by marketing boss Richard Teversham, who said the type of content available for Xbox 360 will be key to ensuring the console's success across the continent.

"In northern Europe, it's about competitive fun - and that's where we've really done well. We've got the Project Gothams and the Halos. It's fun, but it's serious competitiveness," he observed.

"In southern Europe, it's actually about simple fun. It's an easy experience, it's not this time-eating drain on what you want to do. So, you've got different bits of content, you've got different types of marketing and you've got how price sensitive different markets are as well."

For more from Lewis and Teversham, read the full interview.

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