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MS cuts 360 price in Oz

Core now as much as Wii.

Microsoft has reduced the price of the Xbox 360 in Australia, following last week's North American cut, is reporting.

You can now buy a 20GB premium unit for AUD 579.95 (GBP 240 / EUR 354), and a core console for AUD 399.95 (GBP 166 / EUR 244) - that's a saving of AUD 69 and 29 respectively.

Both are effective immediately and mean that the core 360 now costs the same as a Nintendo Wii in Australia. The PS3 remains at AUD 999.99 (GBP 414 / EUR 611).

"I think you'll see, on a games point of view, we're well ahead [of the PS3]. And now once again we're offering all of these experiences at a really affordable price," said Xbox regional director David McLean.

He went on to say the price of the Xbox 360 had been the same for 17 months, claiming this was the longest any console had been on the Australian market without a price drop.

Microsoft still remains quiet on any European price cut.