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Mouse stars Disney-esque gun-toting, cigar-smoking noir detective

Shot dogs! Shot dogs!

First-person shooter Mouse has gathered quite the excitement in the last 24 hours, thanks to its... distinct art style and protagonist.

The game will see you play as John Mouston, a private detective sniffing out corruption and rogue rodents. Inspired by rubber hose animation, John Mouston bears some resemblance to Walt Disney's beloved Mickey Mouse. Indeed, he has the long snout(is that correct terminology?) with a round nose, the big ears and the white gloves. But he also has a revolver and cigars, so he's definitely not Mickey Mouse.

The gameplay we've seen so far gives me Doom vibes, whilst the vending machines remind me a lot of BioShock. I'd be lying if I said it doesn't look fun to play.

Cover image for YouTube videoMOUSE Teaser
Mouse teaser

The game will be a story-driven experience, developer Fumi Games has stated, and other inspirations for the game include retro shooters and the noir genre. Weapons that can be seen in the gameplay shown include a revolver, tommy gun, and dynamite. My favourite has to be the hammer though - not one of those comical toy hammers, but just a regular hammer you'd find in a toolbox.

Fumi Games is based in Warsaw, Poland, and was formed in 2019 by the co-founders of production company Fumi Studio. Fumi Studio specialises in film animation, which explains why Mouse draws so heavily on the classic rubber hose animation style. Fumi Games has another project in the works called Galaxi Taxi , which looks like a Cartoon Network programme transformed into a Cuphead experience, so it's clear the studio is leaning on its expertise in film animation for its game development.

Mouse still looks like its in early stages, with a release date yet to be announced. I hope Disney will agree with me that John Mouston is definitely not Mickey Mouse, and as such this is not copyright or trademark infringement.