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MotorStorm dev announces team-based PS4 racer Driveclub

Evolution Studios starts its engines.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios has announced Driveclub, a new team-based racer exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Players race in clubs, and compete asynchronously in real-time against other clubs. Routes are packed with challenges to beat, Evolution hinted (similar to the traffic cameras and billboards in Need for Speed: Most Wanted?)

The name and concept have existed at the studio for ten years - Evolution trademarked its name nine years ago.

It features some of the most photo-realistic cars ever seen in gaming.

"We've gone borderline insane", Evolution's Matt Southern explained of the team's attention to detail. "Even the suede and carpet have a fibre direction which makes them reflect light differently when touched."

You can climb in cars and watch yourself strap in (safety first!) before starting the engine of the world's fastest cars.

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