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MotoGP 10/11 European release date


MotoGP 10/11 will roar onto European shop shelves on 18th March, Capcom has announced.

Before then, in February, there will be a PSN and Xbox Live demo.

It offers a ride as biker heroes Danny Pedrosa or Andrea Davizioso on the Mugello course, and in either Championship or Time Trial mode.



MotoGP 10/11 has all the 2010 real-life biking season data, and Capcom promises to update the game when the new season gets under way. Improvements this year are made to the physics and handling, snore, plus a player assists system - read: stabilisers - has been added for people who are a bit rubbish at games, like me.

On top of all that, developer Monumental Games has stuffed co-op into the Career mode, via split-screen. Now you can totally smash into anyone threatening a team mate's victory.

Get bored with that and you can head online to race against up to 19 other gamers, or you can spectate until the next round starts if you show up late.