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More than 10m PSPs sold in Japan

Top five software titles revealed.

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine reveals 10 million PSP units have now been sold in Japan. (Thanks, Kotaku.)

The handheld launched there on 12th December 2004. The most popular software title for the machine was only released on 27th March 2008, however - it's Monster Hunter 2nd G, with nearly 2.4 million copies shifted.

There are two more Monster Hunter titles in the top five, with only Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII and Phantasy Star Portable also getting a look-in. Here's the full rundown.

  • 1. Monster Hunter 2nd G (2,396,642 copies sold)
  • 2. Monster Hunter 2nd (1,706,387 copies sold)
  • 3. Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (790,705 copies sold)
  • 4. Monster Hunter Portable (668,964 copies sold)
  • 5. Phantasy Star Portable (545,242 copies sold)