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More Syphon Filter for PSP

Step into Logan's Shadow.

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Another title to come out of the Sony America Gamer's Day was Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow.

It's a follow-up to last year's PSP hit Dark Mirror and is expected in America this winter. There's no word on a European date just yet.

The story revolves around Lian Xing this time, who is painted as a traitor after mysteriously disappearing - forcing the government to close the Agency down. But good old Gabe Logan is adamant that Xing is no turncoat, so he joins forces with Theresa and goes in search of his missing comrade, without the equipment, communication, and backup he's used to. He's proper hard.

It'll all be very familiar to fans of Dark Mirror, but boasts some nifty new underwater skirmishes with spear guns, bolt pistols, and bolt drivers, as well as the ability to blindfire from cover. You'll also get the chance to order around past characters from the Syphon Filter history.

Head over to our review of Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror to see why we've got our knickers in a twist.

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